Removing strained trivia is disheartening. I find it hard to believe that someone has actually convinced themselves that "put me down you brute" is a reference to a film. Very often I wonder if the person adding the trivia is not a native English speaker, or maybe very young and inexperienced with common English phrases. Sometimes I just think people are forcing themselves to see references where there aren't any, just so they can pretend it's a wink at the audience and feel more important. Similarly, "Spike want" parallels almost every baby's sentence structure when expressing desire, and the use of third-person parallels almost every "stupid brute" character in recent memory, who does not posses a firm grasp on grammar.

Fixing obviously bad formatting is disheartening. It's especially hard since the people who add the images are most definitely trying to improve the wiki, but when they add the images they overlook the text to such an extent that it turns into a twisted, misaligned mess. I don't expect the formatting to be perfect or beautiful, but I do expect people to keep it, at the very least, orderly and easy to read.

Explaining to people about who is the primary audience of this site is disheartening. There is a very loud community, though a minority of overall My Little Pony Friendship is Magic fans, that feels the wiki should cover them, not the show. Of course, I'm talking about little girls. They keep questioning the reliable sources policy of the wiki, and they don't shy of demanding the use the names and terms that they decided upon at their kindergarten. Some of them believe that the names they made up at their kindergarten are more important than official names. When I tell those doe-eyed little girls that the wiki doesn't decide on permanent names for the ponies, and that the names are only temporary placeholder names, they get angry as if I've told them they can't play with ponies anymore.

Still, it's very heartening to be a contributor to a good, factual, organized, cleanly-designed, trustworthy wiki. When I compare this wiki to other wikis, the amount of clearly referenced material is one or two orders of magnitude larger than the other wikis. This wiki has no guesswork: statements are always specifically preceded or followed by their source. What's most heartening is the community of high-quality contributors. Dedicated people. This wiki doesn't offer any rewards other than a job well done and a pat on the back, so thank you for contributing.