Hello everybody! Remember My Little Pony Fan Art Wiki? You don't? Aw. Anyway, before we had a fan labor namespace, we had a fan labor wiki, but no one used it. Now we have a fairly active fan labor namespace, but it's pretty restrictive: files have to begin with FANMADE, coverage is limited to material that focuses on the show or material that meets the popularity criteria, images need to meet a quality standard: legibility, decent resolution, and don't forget those bothersome article message boxes that pop up all over the place.

Well fear not! My Little Pony Fan Art Wiki is re-opening its doors, and it has none of those limitations. I encourage everybody to make the transition from the fan labor namespace to the fan labor wiki. You can still use the fan labor namespace, but the fan labor wiki is simply a much less restrictive environment for fan labor, and I believe it will eventually replace the fan labor namespace.


  • Shorter titles
  • No restrictions for popularity or focus
  • No warnings at the top of the article
  • No image name restrictions

It's exacly like the fan labor namespace, only without the restrictions! –Throwawaytv 17:33, October 8, 2011 (UTC)