After months of almost-absence I started doing a little cleanup today, in my usual needlessly angry way. Who gets mad at copyediting, honestly. Here are a few things I came across:

  • In-universe perspective, on the Twilight Sparkle article in a description of her relationship with Princess Cadance, and on the Shining Armor article repeating a lot of the information in the "depiction in the series" section. I reformatted the information in Twilight Sparkle but completely removed it from Shining Armor.
  • Editorializing, in the wiki sense of embellishing the description, mainly in the Twilight Sparkle article.
  • Speculation and non-information, in the Pinkie Pie article and Twilight Sparkle article. Weird stuff like "we don't know why Cadance was foal-sitting Twilight." Lack of information should only be mentioned if it's used as a narrative tool, if the "not knowing" is part of the storytelling. If it's not, it's simply lack of information, and doesn't need to be mentioned.
  • Formatting, the usual image shenanigans where images overcrowd the text.

All in all it's good to do some actual work on the wiki again. Eventually I plan on running down a list of all articles on the wiki from most visited to least visited and copy-edit all of them. Eventually.