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    Unnamed Ponies

    April 18, 2012 by PonyPal

    I think I put in a couple good suggestions for unnamed ponies.

    I'd like everypony to vote. Tell me if my ideas are good or suck.

    The conductor pony - Horsratio Pullman

    Sick pony in "Read It and Weep" - James Colt pun on James Cole, Bruce Willis character in 12 Monkeys

    Tomato salespony - Rotten Tomatoes

    Caramel pony with three horseshoes - Toffee Luck

    One of these has to good.

    Thank you

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    I read an article about this but was skeptical until I vetted the story myself.

    For the 2010 Emmys animation nominees

    Here's the list of nominated animation shows:

    Penguins of Madagascar-----------------8

    Transformers Prime----------------------------------- 6

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    We have less than a half dozen episodes left of season 2.

    What animated/anime shows is everypony going to watch until season 3?

    Not that I want to call MLP:FiM a gateway show to girls' animation/anime. But I'll be watching Jewelpet Sunshine.

    It's similar in that Sanrio (Hello Kitty) and Sega make it, so it's like Hasbro making MLP.

    But it's a slice of life, school show. The weird thing is while it's set up for girls, the class actually has male students and a male teacher. So you never get this MLP:FiM vibe that there's only one or two males and the rest is all females. The teacher is a talking pink dolphin, he has an aquarium on wheels to get around. Half the class is jewelpets, talking animals with magic powers. The other half is male/femaleā€¦

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    Tartarus or Tartaurus

    March 12, 2012 by PonyPal

    Since the MLP writers love to make puns on placenames; Canterlot instead of Camelot, Phillydelphia instead of Philadelphia, etc.

    I thought in 'It's About Time', maybe Twilight said Tartaurus instead of Tartarus. Usually the puns are horse related and taurus means bull, but it does fit.

    Any opinions?


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