I read an article about this but was skeptical until I vetted the story myself.

For the 2010 Emmys animation nominees

Here's the list of nominated animation shows:

Penguins of Madagascar-----------------8

Transformers Prime----------------------------------- 6 <-They know hub exists

Biz Kid$---------------------------------------------------- 3

Disney Kick Buttowski------------------------------- 3

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse--------------- 3

Fanboy and Chum Chum--------------------------- 3

SciGirls----------------------------------------------------- 3

Back at the Barnyard-------------------------------- 2

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! 2

Dinosaur Train------------------------------------------ 2

The Wonder Pets!------------------------------------- 2

Toot & Puddle------------------------------------------- 2

WordGirl--------------------------------------------------- 2

This is what Transformers Prime got nominated for:

Individual Achievement in Animation Won!- Background Design, Color Design

Outstanding Performer In An Animated Program

Outstanding Directing In An Animated Program

Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction And' 'Composition

Outstanding Writing In Animation

MLP got zero nominations and Transformers 6! I don't even think anyone watches Transformers. The catagories Transformers did get nominated for almost makes my blood boil- background, performer, directing, music, writing!

I think MLP got totally stumped even though only the first 17 episodes applied to 2010 but that included Winter Wrap Up! Penguins of Madagascar won music, animated program, writing, best performer and cast! I'm starting to get really pissed off.

2011 is probably closed now but should me campaign for 2012 now?