Remember back in November/December when I asked to do a Christmas picture with you everyones OC? Well I have decided to do a new picture that should be done in about 4 weeks! But in order for it to happen I need to get a lot of OCs/Ponysonas (I need as many Ponysonas as posible.If not,OC) from you guys! I have a few rules like last time to read read read!

  1. Post your OC with a description of a certain pose (No description is fine as well)
  2. Nothing innapropriate Pwease
  3. For all of my closest friends in chat, make sure you add an adjective to describe your OC
  4. If you have no picture, describe in depth
  5. I love you all
  6. Fluttershy_s_smile_by_rashter-d4qb2gx-30_%28dragged%29.png
  7. Make sure you all post a description and don't change it once it is there plz! And if you want to add you can but noooo changing
  8. Anyone can post!!

I hope you all post post post!