Assasin 927: My Cousin

TheUltimateH4M: My Older Brother

Ididntdoityet: My Husband

ImTheBrony: Musical cousin

Kyobreck: Musical Cousin

IX Pilot: My Great Uncle

Bronymon: My Middle son

Aerostar: Pet Lucario

SublimePie: My Oldest son

Embergale: Auntie

Foodbandit: The Local Butcher

Eidlover: My Closest Cousin

Juan Brony Bro: My Oldest Brother

Haedman: My Father

Banana Republic: Yougest Daughter

Buissness Cat: Pet Flareon

Demon Lord of The  Round Table: My Uncle

KoolPrincessLunakaLunie: My Older Sister

Pinkielover123: My Older Sister

OneforSeven: My Older Awesome Brother

Ozank: My Wise Grandpa

Octado: My Awesome Grandma

CallofDuty4: My Pet Fish

Captain Derpy: My Cousin

Catastrophic Pony: My Cousin

Shining Armor: My Cousin

DesFlutterFox: My Pet Fox

CelestiaOfEquestria: Dude Next Door

Aphelion: Crazy Neighbor

Googer12: My Best Friend

White$tar: My Art School Boss

Alana Katana: My Aunt