It has  come to my attention that somethings are not right. The chat is corrupted and the users have changed. Mostly those who have recieved mod or admin rights. It is not every mod or admin. I'm not even saying any user names. This is all I gotta say:

The chat has become a little more i would say "hot" as the time of me being here is passing. It infact isn't all the users. It is mostly those (not everyone) who has recieved admin and mod rights. I just want to say there is no need to act all strict 24/7. This is the internet. Not a real job. Yeah i know you do actually have a job. admins, to make are wiki better with those new ideas and such. Mods, to defend are chat from trolls and low lives. But some of you mods and admins can be to serious at times. Users who i used to know to be, laugh out loud, goofy, hillarious infact and have become something else from getting special rights. So I  just want to say/ask this: When you become something a little higher than the "average" users here, you don't need to change at all. Become striuct none of that. Its not neccessary (I think i spelled that wrong). So why must all my good friends here change?

PLEASE NOTE: This blog isn't to criticise anyone with fact and opinion. I do not have any intention on hurting any pony's feelings. Thankyou and have a good day.