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Hello! school is out and I can go back to being here and doing my job in contributing to this wiki. One thing that really grinds my gears is the usual uploading of images lacking categories. Ladies and gentle fluff: Please categorize your image upon uploading! Whats that? You don't know how? Well never fear! Commander Fluffy-Butt shall aid!

There are various ways but this is my usual method

Step 1: The Page

Go to the image you uploaded on its main page. DjVY0yz.png

Step 2:Scroll

Scroll down the page until you see a tab that says "Categories" fylNok9.png

Click on where it says "Add category"

Step 3:Add your category

Pick a category that exists and is appropriate for your image. For example, Fanmade images will go in the category "fanmade images" and images not about mlp will go in "non-mlp images". You will know the category exists if it in the drop down while you are typing your category. If you are unable to find a category, contact someone for assistance. BLzlvBR.png If you did not mean to type the category inputed, simply push the garbage can for instant deletion, or pencil to edit it. Press save once you are finished categorizing and you're done!

But wait We Are NOT Done

Maybe you pressed save with the wrong category in place. Pressing add category again will not help you to remove it. Scroll up the screen to the edit button or just do "?action=edit" after URL. VubJpDw.png

Once at this screen hover over the category you want to delete,push the trash bin and you're done! Just press publish! Ask questions if needed in comment section. jHTF0d9.gif Cdr. Fluffy-Butt the Llama Maww  z8Gu0QL.gif