So as you all know, or some of you may know, I am a huge collector of MLP merchandise. I sometimes I stumble on something I don't have. Merchandise is my breakfast, lunch, and dinner so I am always excited when I see something I don't have yet. SO..

Once upon a time, Pony took a trip to the mall on the evening of May 30th~ She went to various stores, just window shopping and adoring the cute sundresses. She forgot there was a Hot Topic in the mall she was in, but she then remembered after walking up to it. She pranced in and squeed so hard! So next...Pony went to the shirt section and got an awesome new shirt: TqzJ5zf.jpg

No other shirt really appealed to her so she thought that shirt would be lovely with her 7 other MLP shirts C: Lalala, Pony continues to prance about when suddenly...gasp! A Derpy necklace! The Fluttershy one was too small to be seen but the Derpy one was a a nice size. So she got Derpy and not Fluttershy.hO3oXiI.jpg

So Pony was still in her own little world when she saw a Spike hoodie. They sadly didn't have one in her size. So she got MLP socks instead! (No pic atm) So theen she gets to the register and there is this AliTwi button. "2 for 3 dollars". So she decides to get 2.


So the wonderful spike-haired woman tells her that she owes $67.52. So Pony decides to pay and happily walks out the store! So then Pony went into another store and had so little money, she could only buy her a new shirt and sundress. IT WAS WORTH IT! and that's why Pony has no more money until she starts working June 30th or untl her mom puts money in her account!