Dear my fellow Wikians,

Hello. A few things have come to my attention in the past 4 months. More than the siding, and the "Caused drama". More than the leaving and the fretting over users gaining mod rights....It's the friendship that I once knew existed between all users here. Like family I would say. But tell me what sliced that harmony ever so malevolently....Tell me what ran a knife of revolt through the hearts of us all...Including I. I have been different in the past and I apologize for it. I apologize for the harm that I have caused because I took on the perspective of the wicked. I really do....

But there is more that has troubled me in the past...The part I just said. Ah yes..."People change, Pony. You cannot stop that." True I assure.Like how a caterpillar transforms from something so small to something vibrant and beautiful. But the changes that I have been seeing lately were not "Catepillat changes". It has been more of chemical reactions between one user and another. They form a new substance that is no longer the same and that you know perhaps....The changes have been bad and quite concerning by I. I notice great things from everone but there are also bad things too...The Yin and the Yang are not in a state of equillibrium.The way I once knew when joining Jully 7th, 2012.

So to sum this up in English rather than metaphorically, I do not know what happened in the past that has made a tense breeze flow into the chat. It bothers me a lot, even though you do not notice it. You know me as one person and I know me as another. The other person wishes for everyone to try their best to keep the quote from the show we fellow bronies adore alive, "Friendship is magic".

                                                                  In hopes of harmony,

                                                                      Pony and meatball sub.