Ever seen those commecials with the MLP toys? There are tons of them. And guess what? I don't like them. I feel like they mislead MLP. Make it seem all sunshine and lolipops, tico taco ya ya ya. And do you think it will make people watch it more? It's not the toy. The toy is innocent. It's the way they advertise it. For example:

Ever seen the commercial with the Princess Celestia toy? Ok first of all, before I get to the way they advertise it, i'm going to talk about the apperance. First of all, why did they make her pink? I may have the answer. to attract little girls and make it seem like something it is not. If someone sees a pink pony with a pretty mane what do you think is the first thing they think ? "My Little Pony is for little girls and its all sunny with lolilolilolipops!" That is what they think. Why couldn't they make her white? I mean she IS white. And always been white. And even worse, what the toy SAYS! "I'm Princess Celestia, come fly with me! My wings are so pretty! lets fly to the castle!!" Seriously? I wouldnt even buy that if i was 3! Dont you think that makes MLP look like a total WASTE??

In the Royal Wedding toyset you see the Cadance and Shining Armor toys. Shing Armor is fine. Its Cadance im all le gasp about. Its not the way she looks. I actually like the desighn on this one. Its what she says and does... "My dress is so pretty!" I do admit, the dress is uh nice but the next lines make it even more outrageous " A pony wedding!! lets light up her wings! we celebrate the pony wedding because loove is blooom! aaaw" Ok little 4 year olds screamin "a pony wedding!" makes MLP look like "Join our tea party!" And the light up wings thing isn't to bad. But the ending song... 1 thing: you can never ever sing like twilight if you tried. I have no comment for the "aaaw" at the the end of the commercial.All of these things give everyone the thought of "yaaay rainbows! sprinkles!!"

I just wish everyone didn't think MLP is all babyish. But i know everyone has there own oppinion and this is mine. These toy commercials for MLP mislead the show. I know it was desighned for little girls, but its not little girlish. I am a girl and I can relate. The toy commercials made me not want to watch MLP at first. But turned out it was not all pink and pretty. It's a good show with tons of dventure. I will say this. The only MLP toy i know that didn't look all rainbow and sparkly was the mlp train commercial. I love that train.