WARNING: Contains awkward content and random moments. Thank you for reading thish .

 It was a Saturday night. Subway was just closing. I trotted my way in for the last sub. I orderd a lettuce sub with extra carrots. I ate it when suddenly I began to transform. I became a meatball inside of Sub sandvich. Extra motzeralla. I planned to save the woorld! Suddenly a big sweaty man engulfed me in his meaty hands. He was getting ready to eat me when i shot tomatoe sauce in his eyes! He screamed in agnoy!! I then escaped out his hands and flew in the air! i was now, super P.A.M.S! Pony And Meatball Sub. But it wasn't over yet! I Spotted a Cod in trouble! I flew over and helped the Cod, freeing him from a fishing net. Together we traveled until we saw a Foodbandit trying to steal food! Me and the Cod jumped into action! we were about to attack when the badit asked to  be apart of our fighting duo! Now we were a trio. The Three Foodketeers. Our motto: One for One and One For One!

Pinkie Pie ecstatic S2E18
And thats how Equestria was made!