Hi! And welcome to Pony's letter name game! I make a letter nickname for you depending on what I think of you! Your job is to figure out what exactly! want in on this game and you aren't included yet? Post a comment and I'll decide what your destined letter name is!

In this game, the fabulous Pony will  create a nickname for you using  abbreviated name followed by part of your username. As it says above, you need to figure out what that abbreviation means.You get 6 points if you figure out what your name is. Know your friends well? Your score is double for every one of your friend's abbreiated name you get right. But it gets more fun then just that! I bet you all want more points huh? Well see if you can guess my abbreviated name right! This is worth 20 points! If you ask for a hint, it's -3 points from your score even at 0 ;). Ready? set...Go!

My abbreviated name: RSSA Pony B

Velvet's letter name: N.S. Velvet

Boush's letter name: B.B. Boushh

Odd's letter name: F.F. Oddy

Haed's letter name: S.S.F. Haed

Filly's letter name: Mr. D. Please 

Brony's letter name: Brony P.

 Sly's letter name: D.F. Cooper

TCK's letter name: A.T. Candle


Ugly's letter name: TMFT = Teenage Mutant Failing Turtle

Tonic's letter name: RBF= Rarity's Best Friend

Fishy's letter name: C.W. Feeshy= Cute Little Feeshy

EHAN'S letter name:  S.F.F= Super Fluttershy Fan


Ugly: 12

Sassy B: 12

Flutter-on: 12

That's all for now~