"Hello. A few things have come to my attention in the past 4 months. More than the siding, and the "Caused drama". More than the leaving and the fretting over users gaining mod rights....It's the friendship that I once knew existed between all users here. Like family I would say. But tell me what sliced that harmony ever so malevolently....Tell me what ran a knife of revolt through the hearts of us all...Including I. I have been different in the past and I apologize for it. I apologize for the harm that I have caused because I took on the perspective of the wicked. I really do...."

Remember my last blog that started off like that? If you do, you can guess what this one is about. Yet again, it has come to my attention that the chat has turned into a distopian society. Many of you may think this blog is bothersome but please, I do not intend to start any drama at all. I just feel like letting you know how I feel.

After about 2 days ago,after an altercation I got into with a user, I learned a lesson about friendship. Things may not always go the way you wish when it comes to things like this. But...I felt like I was in the wrong for that argument and attempted to apologize. And so, instead of me resolving things, I got a sarcastic "ok" like nothing I said in that PM  for 30 minutes meant ANYTHING at all. That is when I knew that this new "way" of users in the chat, was starting to get a teensy bit annoying....So I talked with someone and I felt better even though the user I attempted to apologize to didn't make me feel so well...So  I learned another thing from that. Not every sorry will be acceepted but still feel good you tried.

Many of you have known me for over a year and know my view on friendship. If you don't, know this: It pains me when someone doesn't want to be my friend and then have no reason behind why. So I am asking a few things. Have you ever been in a situation similar to this? How did you cope with it? and how do you look at it now. Because I seriously need advice.