What's the theory?

Hello ponies of all ages and sizes! Recently, I stopped watching MLP S4 at about episode 9. I began to watch episode 10 and I noticed something. I watched episode 11 and I noticed the same thing. Then I looked back at 9 and 8 and thought to myself this:What is with those rainbow sparkly eyes and the rainbow shiny objects. Well here is what I think.

Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 2

Mysterious chest S4E02

So in part 2 of the season 4 premiere, we find a mysterious box with 6 keys that has this rainbowy shine to it. Now really. When you first saw this episode, I bet it meant nothing at all to you right? but this is my theory: The items that have this same glow are representations of the elements of harmony, making them keys.

Rarity Takes Manehattan

Rainbow glow on Rarity's iris S4E08 Spool of thread glowing S4E08

So in this episode, Suri Polomare takes advantage of Rarity's generosity and uses it to "Try" to win the competition. In this episode, we focus mainly on the generosity factor of Rarity. Rarity's eyes glow that rainbow color as she notices how ungenerous she was to her friends. Coco Pommel then gives Rarity a rainbow colored thread. It shines in a rainbowy glow at the end of the episode. In my theory, this thread may represent Generosity and may be one of the six "keys" needed to open the box.

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow shining on flag S4E10 Rainbow glow in Dash's eyes S4E10 Wonderbolt pin with rainbow glow S4E10

This has got to be the best episode on season 4 so far! So I actually thought in Pinkie Apple Pie that Applejack would have some "honesty" thing but turns out I was wrong! This episode focuses on Rainbow Dash's loyalty to her friends. Her eyes start to shine wants she realizes that "not choosing at all is not a choice". She flies with her team though she thinks they lack the wing, and Ponyville gets a spot in the Equestria Games! At the end, Rainbow Dash gets a medal and that glow appears on it. Could this mean that the medal may be symbolic of the loyalty aspect of Rainbow Dash and may be a key to the box?

Pinkie Pride

Rainbow ripples in the water S4E12 Boneless with rainbow shimmer S4E12

This episode had too much singing for me to handle.The actual objects included in the animation actually shocked me. In a bad way. The only thing I actually liked was that song called "The Goof Off". Loved how Cheese stole Pinkie's song. Anyway, in this episode an new "Super Duper Party Pony" comes to town and steals Pinkie's "thunder". Feeling defeated, she mopes at the fact Cheese "is a better party pony". In pinkie's Lament, as she looks at herself in the river, a rainbow ripple appears. At the end of the episode, Cheese Sandwich gives pinkie one of his many Bonelesses. As she looks at it, a rainbow ring appears around it. Could this be the laughter representation of the element and possibly be a key?


Well this is Part 1 of what I think this whole box thing is about. I have not seen Filli Vanilli or Simple Ways yet. I'll get to those soon in Part 2! Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section and also your idea of what the keys may be!