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So I love food so much and this fluffy pony drawing quickly turned into a plump cookie pony... uGfS2fh.png 7XnrDyc.png fP8E6fL.png cookie_dough__crunch_by_ponyandguineapigfan-d8yreg9.png
Yeeah awkward! So it gave me an idea to make food ponies but I need your help! Im not just going to make regular food ponies. Im gonna make wacky and bizarre food ponies. So from you I need a name and food its named after of! Be wild and best of all make me hungry! My only rule is nothing meat related cuz I'm a pescatarian! And don't judge anyone. I will pick best names and do a poll. Try to get your "recipe" on the top! Deadline is July 1st! Top 5 winners gets to keep OC I design but only first place gets a super duper art request! I will draw anything you like (unless NSFW)so get posting cuz I'm starving.