Have some sickening music!

So a lot of people ask me how to do certain codes a lot because I happen to code websites and mess around with Java in school as apart of my STEM. So the comment section of this blog is gonna be a little share and learn community I would like to call code share. You can post as much code as you like but make sure you do the following:

  1. State what it does
  2. State the coding for it of course (make sure you are accurate)
  3. And lastly, state who it would benefit the most~

I love you all lots so I will give you one of my most favorite codes that I use on 2 of my profiles! Well you have seen it before and I will show you all the coding behind the random Trixie that was in my title box in my last theme

div style="position:absolute; top: 430px; top: -137px;">INSERT IMGUR LINK HERE</div> ("<" at the beginning [Example: <div style...]) You can play around with the numbers to discover what makes right, left, up and down! This benefits all who like to decorate their profile!

Let us all share codes so everyone can learn from each other! If you are confused, ask for help~