• Ponybrony97

    My Creations

    January 8, 2015 by Ponybrony97

    So one guy wanted to see my latest creations. SO I will see if I can upload them here. I made few, like 6-7 wallpapers. I make them very easy. so easy I can make a tutorial on YouTube.

    A little facts about the program Gimp I using. Gimp is a photo editor. But an easier program to learn than Photoshop (if you not already familiar with it). Gimps is the best Program I have. And it's free to.  

    This wallpaper as you can see below here is my first. I was a beginner with Gimp. It took me some time to get along with it and I watch some YouTube videos for learning some cool effects. some effects when I learned one of them, it kinda messed up with the wallpaper. But here is some of my first creations. hope you like them :D

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  • Ponybrony97

    My Little Wallpapers

    December 23, 2014 by Ponybrony97

    Hi everypony. My name is Martin And I'm a mlp wallpaper creator. I can do pretty cool wallpapers. I'm using the program Gimp. Easy program to make wallpaper. If you want a mlp wallpaper based by your OC or your favourite mlp character. Just ask me if you want your wallpaper made by me :)

    / Your best, Martin Rydiander 

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