My first fanfic I ever made!YEEEEEEEHAW!

"My love with give you strength."The words rang in Shining Armor's mind.Even though he was posessed by the Changeling Queen,it burrowed it's way in and caught his attention.Cadance?Or the Queen?He felt soft,silky hooves embrace him.The skin was warm...He had not felt warmth ever since thier engagement.Shining Armor's mind raced.Cadance?Celestia?Twighlight?Mom?Dad?Where?Who?Cadance?His mind was filled with questions...but he could not find out the answers, as he was trapped in his own mind.Then he heard the cold,lifeless voice that he had heard so many times before:"Oh,what a LOVELY but absolutely rediculous sentiment!"Shining Armor felt warmth slowly spread through his body as if he had been frozen for years.His sight came into well as a beautiful mare.Cadance pressed her horn to did he.To Shining Armor,this was like waking up from a nightmare.To Cadance,it was a dream come true.They both felt a warmth in thier horns and hearts.Mare and stallion rose in the air.Then,as if on cue,Cadance and shining Armor's eyes opened and glowed white.They looked at each other for a split second...and realized.The Power of Love.It was one of the most powerful types of magic in the universe.A silvery-pink ball of light portruded from both of thier horns and escalated in size.Queen Chrysalis was cast into the end of time...but she fought the Power Of Love.She absorbed it and drained it.She then USED the love to fight the force that was banishing her to the ends of equestria.Time was reversed,and the Changeling Queen and all her minions ended up in Los Pegasus...but little did she know that she would soon face an even greater challenge.

Ivy the alicorn was a braniac,an artist,an animal freak,and a dreamer.She was not treated like all.Her cutie mark had not appeared yet,and that was an issue where she lived.She was walking home from school when she saw a rather large,black pony with a grisley looking,terquoise mane.Ivy jumped at the sight of the creature.She gasped loudly as it raised it's head,stood up and spoke.It's eyes were closed,and it's large,ripped up wings were bleeding a silvery green substance.Ivy had read so many boks that she knew what this was:this was a Changeling,injured and filled to the brim with hate and anger.Ivy backed away...then it's eyes opened."!Stop it!Help me...please!Help me!"Ivy understood not a word of this.It seemed to be having a conversation with itself,as it was looking at the sky,not Ivy."Uummm..."Ivy began.She inched closer as the Changeling started weeping."Nooooo!I can!I am not a slave to you!"Ivy saw a flash of pink in the creature's eyes.The wings momentarily vanished,and the creature seemed to turn an extremely dark shade of green,then back to jet black."What-"Ivy said."AH!Where am I?"The Changeling screamed." something.Anything!"said the odd Changeling,turning to Ivy with tears in it's eyes,turning a deep green again.Ivy noticed that every time the changeling seemed to be in distress,it's wings dissapeared and its eyes turned pink and normal looking,and the coat of the creature turned the deep green color.Then,suddenly,the Changeling's horn shot a ray of green light headed straight at Ivy.Ivy saw now that the eyes had tuned lime green and the body was covered in gruesome-looking holes.It lunged at Ivy,thrashing its hooves in the air.The creature roared fiercly as Ivy flew to her house at top speed,a green ray of light nearly missing her head.

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