A preview of a series of fanfics I am writing called New Harmony. Enjoy! NOTE: Mystic Ivy is not a Changeling. She is a half Changeling with wierd changeling power magic.

            Swoosh.' Mystic Ivy soared past Violet, her PFF. “Hey, Ivy,” she said. “Hi…” said Ivy quietly. “Where are you headed to?” She asked. “My studio… I’m working on that new album I was telling you about. Hey, do you think you could make some album art for me again like you did for Silver?” Ivy nodded enthusiastically. “I’m on it, just let me finish something first…” She zoomed over Violet, messing up her curly purple mane. “I JUST HAD MY MANE STYLED!” Violet yelled as she made a feeble attempt to brush a strand of hair out of her face. Ivy was too far ahead to hear as she went back to one of her favorite activities in Equestria… flying. It was her way of escaping reality. She soared higher and higher, leaving her stress and worries in the gold and green trail behind her. Mystic Ivy reached a point in the sky where she could see every mountain’s top. Adrenaline pulsing through her body, she looked down at Baltimare. Ivy folded her wings to her body and plunged into a spectacular dive. Ivy’s blond, green and blue mane flowed behind. She grinned from ear to ear and closed her eyes, reliving the event that had earned her the symbol on her flank…


                   Breath in, breathe out…Mystic  Ivy thought as she stepped up to the small lump of cloud, a larger cloud platform floating ominously 10 feet in front of her. Flying 10 feet was pretty far for a little filly her age; she shouldn’t have aced that quiz… TWEET! came a loud whistle. Ivy had to force herself to breathe as she beat her little wings furiously, fluttering over to the puff of white cloud. Halfway there…three quarters there…almost… She landed on the platform, panting and wheezing, her pure white face now tinged with scarlet. A bead of sweat made its way down her forehead. “Did... I… pass?” Ivy squeaked in between gasps. The large, burly Pegasus lowered his eyes to the shaky filly, and then to the stopwatch he was holding with his wing. “I’m afraid not,” he said.”You will not go to Junior Speedsters flight camp; you flew 10 feet in…” He checked the stopwatch again. “47 seconds… you need 30 to qualify.” Ivy shut her eyes in an attempt to hide her tears. Then she heard thunder rolling in. “Best be getting home…” said the burly stallion. He flapped his muscular wings and Mystic Ivy watched until he became a black dot in the sky. Rain started to pour, chilling Ivy to the bone. She started to sob, not caring that she could be struck by lightning at any moment… Suddenly, a shrill, screechy bark reached her ears. “What was-“Ivy started. Then it came again. Not having the faintest idea what could be making such a noise, she walked to the edge of the cloud and peered down at the forest below. There, pacing around frantically among the trees, was an animal- some sort of fox. Ivy wiped the tears from her eyes. Yes, definitely a fox…small, gray, and soaked head to tail. Its face looked a bit squashed and it had large, protuberant yellow eyes. A large gash on its shoulder was dripping blood. Ivy felt a sudden rush of sympathy for the creature. “I know what its like,” she said quietly. Ivy didn’t know why she was talking to the fox; surely it couldn’t understand her… “I know what it’s like to be dumped out into the rain with nothing to comfort you but your thoughts…left to think nopony cares and to wonder if it’s worth it to try and do anything at all…” The fox stopped pacing and looked up at Ivy with its big round eyes. Ivy’s eyes widened. Could that rain soaked, ugly fox understand her? No, she told herself firmly. Foxes don’t understand ponies… “What am I doing, talking to foxes…” she muttered, and resumed her crying. A second later, a loud crack and burst of light made her jump to her hooves. The storm was right above the forest. She turned to jump off the cloud and glide to safety, but she remembered the fox. I can’t just leave him there… And mustering all of her strength and courage, she leaped off the cloud, avoiding the columns of electricity around her. Bank right-SWOOP UP-bank left-right… At last, she caught sight of the fox, who had resumed its pacing and howling. Okay. You can do this, Ivy… Falling into a terribly dangerous dive, Ivy gritted her teeth and stretched her hooves out to grab the fox. The lightning cloud above the fox would strike any second…faster…faster… She wouldn't be able to live with herself if the fox got struck- faster...Ziiiinnnng.CRAAAACK. BOOOOOMMMM. Ivy pulled out of the dive and grabbed the animal just as the lightning struck. A loud boom resonated off the trees and hills. Looking behind her, Ivy saw not a rainbow colored explosion, but a green and gold one, pushing all the storm clouds at least a mile away. Mystic Ivy didn’t- no, couldn’t believe that she had performed a Sonic Rainboom… a green and gold one. She landed lightly on the damp forest floor and set the fox down. Sunlight streamed through the gaps in the trees. The animal was twitching and shivering. “Shhhhh, shhhhh, it’s okay… I’m gonna fix you up…somehow.” The fox looked reassured. Ivy gasped loudly. She was sure the creature could understand her. But how did she understand it? Mystic Ivy grabbed some Heart’s Desire off of a nearby bush and sprinkled the pollen onto a large leaf. How do I put it on? She thought “Aha!” She cried as she got an idea. Taking some sap from a pine tree, she spread it onto the edges of the leaf, wrapped it twice around the fox’s shoulder and wrapped a long reed leaf around it’s other shoulder and neck, making a sort of shoulder sling. “I think I’ll call yooouuuu…” She started. “Oh, I don’t know… I’ll decide later.” Ivy noticed that many other forest creatures had gathered around her. The sky was a brilliant blue, a large wave of gold and green still splashing over the clouds. As she looked at all the animals around her, and the Rainboom slowly fading away, she felt like a warm heating pad was being placed on her flank, along with a strange, tingly sensation. “What wa-“ she started. Then she saw it. A Cutie Mark… “Whoa…” Ivy said in awe. A paw print for connection with nature, a wing for flight abilities, and a paintbrush for creativity. “ When I did the Sonic Rainboom, that must’ve been the wing symbol… then I invented that sling thingy… that’s the paintbrush… and then I can understand you guys…” she said, looking around at the animals. Some nodded in agreement. “Wow…” Ivy whispered. She had never known anypony to have more than 1 or 2 special talents. Was this normal? She had no idea. But Mystic Ivy wasn’t about to let that dampen her spirits. “YEEEEHAAAAW!” she shouted, twirling around and flipping and diving in the air. She zoomed over Ponyville, a new gold and green trail forming in her wake. Ivy couldn’t believe it. A Cutie Mark… three special talents…

                Mystic Ivy opened her eyes. She had been so high up that she had time to re-live the memory and still have time to pull out of the dive. Whoosh. Ivy was soaring upward, her windswept man blowing in all directions. Landing safely in a field, she started to trot over to Sweet Apple Acres, which was now owned and cared for by Applejack’s great granddaughter, Maple Breeze and sat on the border of Ponyville and Baltimare, the latter being Ivy’s hometown.. Since the original wielders of the Elements of Harmony had passed away, Princess Twilight just two years ago, a new form of protection for Equestria had to be found- nopony could think of or create anything as powerful as the six pony’s friendship. So Equestria was basically helpless. “Howdy, Misty!” Maple Breeze called as she saw Ivy trotting up to her. “Feel like helping with apple buckin’ season?” she said, raising an eyebrow. “Sure! That’s actually why I came here.” Maple Breeze smiled. “Yeah, we definitely need your changeling strength this year.” Mystic Ivy had a sudden vision of  Baltimare covered in green and black goo with corpses everywhere. “O-Okay…” she stuttered as they trotted into the south field.

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