Hey, everypony! I thought it would be fun to make a blog where users leave comments telling thier OC's CM and life story. Rules are:

Keep it somewhat short!

No more than 1 picture

No language

No really mature themes. Romance and stuff is completely fine, but DO NOT GO TOO FAR.

No trolling

No insulting other users or thier OCs

No contradicting rules! Please?

  There are rules to prevent conflict between users and to keep the blog ok for younger users.

Here is an example: (my OC)

         Woke up at the age of 9 in a hospital bed with no memory of her past. There had been some big Changeling/Crystal Pony war, and her hometown Baltimare was right in the middle of it. Her parents had been murdered by a crazed  changeling. She and her younger sister had been cursed to remember nothing of the death and gore of the war. She and her sister where adopted by a Pegasus and Earth pony couple with and 11 year old son. Ivy and her sister Moon Frost seek Princess Luna to bring back their memories of their childhood. Luna obliges. Ivy is driven temporarily mad/insane, as she saw her parents being tortured and drained of emotion. Moon frost was hidden in a barn, so she remembered very little. Ivy vows to find and kill the pony who "murdered" her parents (They possessed valuable information on the whereabouts of the Crystal army and refused to talk.) Ivy finds and confronts the changeling, which turns out to be changeling royalty and they fight until the changeling drains half of ivy's emotion and jinxes her to Baltimare, leaving Ivy half changeling. Ivy has been sort of humorless since then an she holds a grudge against changelings. the royal changeling, Vacillis (Vuh-sill-iz), had transferred some of her love draining and shape shifting power to Mystic Ivy in hopes that Ivy would become a full fledged changeling. This never happened but Ivy possesses some dark magical power which is sometimes uncontrollable, and she is both feared and hated by some ponies, so Luna teaches her about her odd magic and what to do with it. Celestia and definitely not Cadance didn't know much about dark powers.

So... yeah. Oh, and do you think I should change Mystic Ivy's name to Ivy Dew or Ornate Ivy or something? Or Lunar Ivy? If you want to know what she looks like, go to my profile. Enjoy sharing!