Howdy,everypony,I would love it if you could send me your OC pics in the comments,because if anypony wants to,please post your OC on my OC blog.I am planning on putting them all together in 1 pic and type Welcome To The Wiki!on it and post it on any new user's blog.Squeee!!!I can also draw them in the real style of the show.I can do both if you like.I am almost done with it!

PS: I forgot to add this.Please give me a name and info about your OC.It will help me decide where to put them and what position and...yeah.

You can find me on the chat very often.

My OC pics

FANMADE Dawnrise2


FANMADE Sonic Rainboom

me again

FANMADE Ponysona




OCs that will be in the pic so far