Howdy, everypony! I know most of you have noticed some of these, but for those who haven't: FYI, sorry about the layout, I can't do anything about it...

1. Pinkie Pie's original design was Surprise (right) and she was later changed to Pinkie Pie. The very first word
Lauren Faust Surprise


Pinkie says in the whole series is "Surprise!" (No, gasping doesn't count as talking.)

2. Rarity is just G1 Sparkler without pink in her mane and with a white coat.
Sparkler toy

The mane is slightly darker too.

3.We all know about this one... Pinkie Pie makes a G3 face in Too Many Pinkie Pies.

4. In Hearts and Hooves Day, the Prince and Princess in the love poison story have the same names and
G1Royal Ponies

Prince Blue Dream, Princess Golden Dream.

Royal status as these two G2 ponies.

5.Twilight Sparkle's mother, Twilight Velvet, is a gray coated version of G1 and G2 Twilight, which was also Twilight Sparkle's original design
FANMADE Twilight Velvet

Twilight Velvet



G3 Twilight

6. A female Wonderbolt has Surprise's color scheme and is a Pegasus as well.
Surprise ID S4E10

Female Wonderbolt

7. Snails is based off of G1 Baby Squirmy.

G1 Squirmy

8. Lyra Heartstrings is based off of G3 Bee Bop. Notice the cutie mark.
Bee Bop Toy G3

9. Trixie has the exact same color scheme as Bee Bop.
Trixie ID S3E05


10. G3 Applejack appears as G4 Applejack's cousin and as a stallion as A.J.'s Uncle.
Apple Cinnamon ID S3E8

Apple Cinnamon, also with G3 AJ's coloring.

Red June ID S3E8

Red June, Applejack's cousin with G3 Applejack color scheme.

G3 Applejack

G3 Applejack

11. Flower Wishes is identical to G3 Spring Fever.

G3 Spring Fever

Flower ponies frightened S2E06

Flower Wishes is in the middle.