Hello,bronies and pegasisters.I have noticed that I get a lot of negativity shot at me.Why?I have no idea.If you have noticed that I have been irratible and grouchy lately,I am sorry about that.My dad is still very sick and my two best friends moved away.I only have two close friends left now,and I am usually alone in a corner reading things like The Twilight Saga and Coraline lately.I have been in a bad mood for around a week now,and I had to have my toenail surgically removed.All of this has added up,and if I get one more snide comment from anyone,on the wiki or not,I am going to snap.I snapped in fifth grade,and I still haven't gotten over what happened then.So what I'm asking is this:Please just go easy on me.And if you think I'm making all this up,do me a favor and go swallow 3,000 gallons of water,dive from 200 feet off a cliff,and EXPLODE.