Hello, dear bronies and fanimatronics and potterheads and all you awesome weirdos out there!

This is a game to find your cutie mark! some of them can be pretty ridiculous. So be warned. ANYWHO. Pick the first letter of your name and the last letter of your last name and match it up to the chart below. if you don't like that answer, then use the first and last letter of your username. for example, mine would be a cupcake with a skull design or a shield with bird on it.

A: Drum. B:Mouse. C: Cupcake. D: Headphones. E: Keyboard. F: Music Note. G: Leaf. H:Paintbrush. I: Troll Face. J: Book. K: Candle. L: Puzzle Piece. M: Brush. N: Smiley Face. O: Drop of water. P: A bird. Q: Exclamation point. R: Shield. S: Bed. T: Gears. U: Skyscraper. V: Note card. W: Ice Skate. X: Paw Print. Y: Guitar. Z: Gem.


A-D: Green, black, and pink colored. E-H: Four shades of purple. I-L: Black and gray. M-P: With a skull design. Q-T: With rainbows in the backround. U-X: With little stars everywhere. Y-Z: Spatters of black ink.

If you got C and Q-T, I'm very sorry.