Howdy,everypony,I wanted to share my thoughts with ya'll.These things are predicted in season 4:

1.LOTS of Twilight Sparkle alicorn
Twilight alicorn cropped S3E13

In season 3 episode 13 , Twilght Sparkle turned into an Alicorn.

2.More Derpy Hooves
FANMADE Cute Derpy

The Amazing Derpy!

(If anypony makes any negative comments about derpy,I will kill you.While you sleep.Okay,not really,but you gots to admit:she is adorable.)

3.Assertive Fluttershy
Fluttershy being assertive S01E16

assertive Fluttershy

4.Cadance and Shining Armor:Cadance has a foal
Cadance and Shining Armor post wedding kiss S2E26


5.CMC earn cutie marks
FANMADE CMC all grown up

I love dis pic!

6.Celestia and Luna get married
Celestia "may I present" S03E13

royal sisters married,waiting for grooms to come down the isle with mane 6 as bridesmaids?

7.Mane 6:alicorns at last

FANMADE Alicorn Elements of Harmony

Alicorn all the way

8.Spike turns into a pony
FANMADE Spike pony

Spike pony

Please comment if yo have any other rumors about season 4.Thanks!