Howdy,everypony.I want to tell you what I think about some decisions made in mlp:Worst to Bad.Also,stop with the "No,that's not right,it's this" and "Seriously?"and all the negative things like "That was a good decision,not a bad one" and "Pffft.".Really,guys,I said what I think.I never said anything about what everypony else thinks,cause I don't know.Also,Wikia contributior,I am glad SOMEPONY actually agrees with me :)

1.Alicorn Twilight-ew.Just ew.I wish she had just stayed a unicornAlso,everything seems to be going around Twi's life.Pshaw to you,"Twily".
Twilight alicorn cropped S3E13

In season 3 episode 13 , Twilght Sparkle turned into an Alicorn.

2.Equestria Girls-Okay,I changed my mind after seeing the trailers!It seems pretty interesting.
Main cast circle overhead shot EG


3.Spike having a crush on Rarity-I don't even have to say how wierd and wrong this is.I think it's cute and all,but what if they got married and wanted to have kids???Blech.
Spike falls in love with Rarity S1E1


4.Making a fool out of Derpy-Don't worry,widdle derpy-werpy.Ponydweamaw stiw wuvs you and thinks you'r so cutesy-wutesy.
FANMADE Cute Derpy


5.Have the whole series revolve around Twilight's "journey" or whatevs-Hey,Twilight!You're no godess!Geez,hasbro,give twilight a break from being famous.And let others into the limelight.
Twilight unsure EG
I know it's about friendship,but I would love to see some more AJ and Fluttershy.