Well, yes. I made one. Same rules as all the others, with a slight twist. NOTE: If your username starts with L or B and ends with F or O, I suggest not doing this. I hope none of you have the initials 'JJ'.

First letter in your username: (if your username has no letters, use the first letter of your name.)

A: Sunny. B: Rainbow. C: Dread. D: Swift. E: Apple. F: Enchanted. G. Musical. H: Brave. I: Robin. J: Hairy. K: Sparkling. L: Bloody. M: Headless. N: Glitzy. O: Night. P: Flightless. Q:Bright. R: Ice. S: Evil. T. Stormy. U:Undead. V: Beautiful. W: Precious. X. Scary. Y: Striped. Z: Exotic.

Last letter in your username. (again, if your username has no letters, use the last letter of your name.)

A.Bloom. B: Blossom. C: Flower. D: Glitter. E. Hooves. F:Cupcake. G: Glam. H. Cream. I: Head. J: Ball. K: Darkness. L: Eyes. M: Face. N: Wing. O: Pie. P: Life.Q: Leaf. R: Breeze. S: Shimmer. T: Rage. U: Light. V: Horn. W: Pot. X. Field. Y: Moon. Z: Book.


     Example:   Name: PonyDreamer125

Pony Name: Flightless Breeze.


Real Name: Not telling, but I'll give you initials: CH. Pony name: Dread Cream.