If the CMC do get there cutie marks this season what will they be? How will they get them?

Sweetie and Scootaloo excited about Apple Bloom's cutie mark S5E4
there has been a lot of talk of the CMC getting there cutie marks this season and i for one love that idea! I would love to see them all with there cutie marks. I was wondering what everypony else thought on the matter.

Here's what i think!


I think that scootaloo gets a cutie mark for active things, like being on her scooter.
Scootaloo listing what's not to like about apples S5E04
here's how it happens:

Scootaloo's parents go away for the weekend and asks Rainbow if Scootaloo can stay with her, she says yes. that weekend comes and because Scootaloo's there Rainbow helps scootaloo so she can FLY! Right when she dose it all alone she gets her cutie mark!

                                                                                Apple Bloom

Apple Bloom gets her cutie mark for being a Mechanic, she will fix things on the farm.
CMC dancing S4E17
this is how i think it will happen:

One day, after twilight time, the cider machine wasn't working. Big Mac was trying to fix it but that didn't work. so apple bloom try's it and, of course it works!

                                                                               Sweetie Belle

Sweetie Belle has a cutie mark for singing, if she can stay ture to herself.
CMC with the dresses S4E19
Here's what happens:

photo finsh loves her vocie and try's to get her to do all these shows and such. But soon Sweetie Belle says no because of all the song and stuff that she HATES! so even if she got her cutie mark for it , witch she did, she wouldn't go with photo finsh.