We were walking along the main street of Darwin when we saw a whole bunch of guys that were standing by themselves they were looking very suspicious they started to wander over to me, Shelly, Destiny, Sarah, Kyle and Elle.

This caused a problem which had to be solved Destiny started to say “they look kinda hot” they looked at her like she was an object that they could get rid of when they wanted to, Shelly then said to them “would you like to join us for ice-cream” they reply with “sure we will join you for ice-cream”.

We then started to walk to the ice-cream shop, we got there and I pulled aside Shelly, Destiny, Sarah, Kyle and Elle, I told the guys to go ahead and we will be in a minute. They went inside I then said “Shelly do you think it was such a good idea to invite these weird guys for ice-cream”, she then replies by saying “yeah they seem like good people”.

We walked into the ice-cream parlour, we all walked up to get our ice-creams, we then went and sat down with the guys, we were all sitting down talking when one of the guys named Jordan asked a weird question “do you guys believe in fantasy creatures” we all replied with “depends on what fantasy creatures you are talking about” he then sits there and thinks about it and then replies with “ vampires and werewolves well except another person at this table out of us guys because he is a weretiger” we all reply with “of course we do why?” so we sat there in silence for 20 minutes or so waiting for an answer to this question he finally answers with “because we are all either vampires or werewolves and then there is me I’m a  special breed I’m a weretiger”.

We all sat there shocked for a little while we processed what he had just said Shelly then replies with “are you high” they look at us like we are crazy people, Jace then replies with “no we aren’t high Jordan is telling the truth” we then sit there for a while in silence then all of a sudden Destiny said out of nowhere “that’s hot” and then Jacob says “you think that’s hot wait to you see me in wolf form”.

We sit there in silence for a while and then Destiny says “I love to see you in wolf form” and then I reply with “hold up you too, if you guys are what you say you are you need to prove it but not here let’s go back to your place”. So we are on our way to their place when we bump into Darren, then we go and stand near our own man, Destiny goes to Jacob, then Sarah to Jason, Shelly to Kyle, Elle to Jordan and then me to Jace and then Darren tries to advance on the group and Jordan being a weretiger doesn’t trust very easily and growls at Darren.

Darren then replies with “why are u growling at me you stupid weretiger” and then Jordan stops all of a sudden and freezes and replies with “how do you know what I am if you are not one of us” we all wait for Darren to reply he then replies with “I’m a local wolf pack leader and so what are these fellow werewolves doing with our enemies and this disgusting weretiger”, Jordan then replies for the whole group by saying “they are allowed to hang with whoever they want and for them hanging with me I’m a purebred thank you very much”.

We then leave to go to their place and we also make sure that Darren is not following us there, we get to their place and then Sarah says “oh my god look at this amazing place” and then Elle tells Sarah “girl you need to calm down you haven’t even seen their rooms yet and they look more awesome just guessing from how awesome they are”, we all then spilt off to go and search the house with the guys that we had clung to before we found their bedrooms which we all then went into the individual bedrooms.

Destiny and Jacob go into his bedroom and they start to talk about what they have in common when Jacob then bites Destiny on the neck and she then says “what was that for” Jacob then replies with “so you can be a werewolf like me for an eternity” Destiny then thinks about it to herself for a while and  then replies with “that is so romantic and you could have just pre-warned me you scared me” so in the end they keep talking and find out what else they have in common.

Sarah and Jason are in his bedroom and they are talking about what life would be like if Sarah was a vampire so then Sarah gives Jason permission to bite her so he does and they then go and finish the conversation that had started about what life would be like now that Sarah is a vampire and so that is where we leave them for now.

Shelly and Kyle are then left to mingle in the lounge room considering they are already vampires but they haven’t yet confided in the group but they both could tell that the guys were vampires and werewolves except for Jordan being a weretiger which they had also known but didn’t want to tell the others that was the reason why Shelly invited them for ice-cream Shelly then says to Kyle “do you think we should tell the others what we are because I think they need to find out sooner rather than later don’t u think so” Kyle then sits there and thinks and then replies with “ well it is up to you if you think we should tell them now then you can if not than later”.

Elle and Jordan are in his room discussing him being a weretiger and her being a werewolf Jordan then asks “so does your group of friends know what you are”, Elle then replies with “no, they don’t but I think it is high time that I tell them because I have a sneaking suspicion that Shelly and Kyle are vampires so they also are hiding something” Jordan then says “well I think we should tell them as a couple don’t you” Elle then replies with “we should”.

Jace and I are sitting in his room talking when I ask Jace to prove that he is a werewolf so he does so by biting me he then says “does that prove that I’m a werewolf” and then I reply with “yes it does, and that is pretty sexy”.

We then all join up together again to tell each other what we have learned, we all then try to talk at once and then Jace steps and says “hold up guys one at a time, alright Jordan and Elle are to go first please” we all then stop and give Jordan and Elle to explain what they found out about each other Jordan says “I’m a weretiger and I can prove it” so he then proves it to the whole group he then says after that “me and Elle are a couple, but she has to tell you all something so I will leave it to her to explain” so we then wait for Elle to tell us what she has to “I’m a werewolf and the reason I have kept this secret is because I didn’t know how you guys would react”, we all ended up reacting to it fine the next couple to speak out where Sarah and Jason, Jason  speaks for the both of them and he says “Sarah is now a vampire because I have bitten  her with her permission mind you and yes we are a couple” Sarah agreed with this statement so we then moved on to the next couple which was Destiny and Jacob they both spoke at the same time saying “yes we are a couple and yes Destiny is a werewolf and yes I did bite her with /my permission” then we moved on to Shelly and Kyle, Shelly said “we both have something we need to tell you people, me and Kyle are vampires and we didn’t want to tell you because of the same reason as Elle”, then Elle replies with “I knew it, I knew it , I knew it, I knew you two were vampires I guessed it earlier when I was with Jordan” anyway we continued on from this and by that time it was time for me and Jace to talk Jace then said for the both of us “yes we are a couple and yes I did bite Alahna with her permission though so now she is a werewolf”.

We all moved on from there and then we all sat down and processed what everyone had just said it was a while before anyone talked then Destiny said “so what do we do now that everyone is a breed of something”, we all sit there and think and then Elle comes out with “well the ones that have just been bitten need to wait for their first change before we do anything about anything okay people”. So then for the next couple of days we waited for all the changes to finish Destiny was the first to change then she was followed by Sarah, then me last but not least, we then started to make plans on how to get food for everybody because we were all going to need a feed soon.

The boys went out to get the feed that we were going to eat, while us girls cleaned up the place a little bit and chatted about the guys that we were with Sarah came out first and said “I just love Jason he understands me so much and there is none of this pushy stuff you get in a normal relationship” the rest of us girls all then agree and reply with “that is so true with the rest of our guys”, the guys then get back and they don’t look happy I then ask them what happened and Kyle answered with “we bumped into Darren while we were hunting and he said something to Jordan about him being a weretiger and that vampire and werewolves shouldn’t be hunting together and that we should most definitely not be hanging around a mutt like Jordan”, Jordan then said “he called me a half breed because apparently there is no such thing as a purebred weretiger I could of knocked him out where he was standing”, Elle then took Jordan to their room to try and calm him down.

Destiny then asks “why didn’t you guys stick up for him”, Jace then replies with “we did but he just shot us all down in flames”, we all then split off and retire to our room’s because we were all tired from the day that we all had a very bad day and nobody felt like venting to anybody and the boys just wanted to retire in to the company of their girlfriends.

We all woke up the next morning and the boys were feeling better, so we all decided to go for a walk in town to clear our heads of what had happened yesterday with Darren, Destiny saw the cutest dress and decided that she would try it on and show Jacob what she looked like in it, she put it on and then come out and showed Jacob and he said “that look’s amazing on you babe go and buy it and then get changed into it and then we continue our walk”.

We then continued on our way through the town we then decided that we wanted to go for a walk in the forest, while we walking through the forest we discovered a dead body behind a bush it looked like some kind of animal and then Jordan turned it over and it turned out to be Darren the clan leader of the local pack and it looked like his body had been drained of all his blood which was a little suspicious that had happened.

We all then started to panic because we might get blamed for this by his clan and we didn’t want this to happen because then that would be another problem to deal with, Jason then said “I think we need to leave this area now before we get blamed for something we all know we didn’t do”, everybody then thinks we probably should follow Jason’s advice, so we started to walk back the way we came when all of a sudden Jacob hears a noise and then says “did you just hear that” everybody then replies with “hear what”, Jacob then thinks to himself I’m going crazy I’m just hearing things.

We then all continue on our way out of the forest and back in to town so we can get something to eat for all of us and then we continued on our way home to get some time alone with our partners, they arrived home to find that our front door lock had been tampered with we then walked into find that our house had been trashed and then Jace comes out and says “we all should go and check our rooms to see if anything is missing and then when you have done that meet back here and tell us if you are missing anything okay”, everyone then split off to check if anything was missing from their rooms.

We all met back up in the lounge room so we could talk about what to do if anything was stolen from their rooms, Jace then came out and asked if there was anything missing from people’s rooms, it turned out that everybody had something stolen from there room that was quite important to them and their other half, Jacob and Destiny had their favourite but very important ring stolen, Sarah and Jason had their wedding rings stolen, Elle and Jordan had their important necklaces stolen that were very important, Shelly and Kyle had their bracelets stolen that were also important, me and Jace had our important necklaces and bracelets stolen.

We all then started to wonder who would do such a thing and thought it could have been Darren before he was killed and then all of a sudden Jason voiced his opinion “I bet it was Darren”, Sarah then replied with “you can’t just come out and voice your opinion like that”, Jason then said “you were all thinking it I just voiced it”, we all then sat there and nodded our heads in agreement.