Hello, welcome to this page! And i heard you were interested on earning bits, so let's get started!

Step 1: Make sure you collect XP to level up and get your prize.

- If your a newbie, buy more ponies, i'm sure you have few ponies on there.

- If you are level 10 below, get an apple stand to get more XP prizes.

Step 2: Visit flim and flam's balloon pop. If your wondering what this is, purchase the carnival.

- you may get bits for a prize.

- you may get rare items, like elements, and princess celestia's castle. Feel free to enjoy.

- you may get some extra ponies, that way, you can hire them.

Step 3: Buy shops if you have enough bits for it.

- remember to get few shops if you have few ponies to hire.

- shops give you extra bits.

Step 4: Complete quests. You will also get a prize.