FANMADE Spring Blossoms

Spring Blossom a pegasus stallion

Spring Blossom was born in canterlot his father Blossom Forth and his mother Clashing Midnight named him after the flowers Spring always loved flowers. Midnight was the only know female royal guard she took pride in her work and wanted Spring to be a royal guard as well but his father disagreed Blossom thought that Spring should be a writer Spring wanted to do neither of those things he wanted to be a florist. Spring spent his time taking care of a small seed that he kept in a can on his window sill then one day his mother went up to him and told him some horrible news- he was accepted into cadet school Spring was upset his mother never asked him if he wanted to be a royal guard he was never asked if he wanted to go to cadet school. Spring packed up his things and held onto his plant he didn't want to leave it there so he was gonna take it with him he went downstairs and went out the door. His parents were waiting in the taxi for him he sighed and got in the taxi on the way he spotted a pond and remembered he didn't water his plant today so he asked the drivers to stop for a sec, after watering his plant he got back into the taxi. Once he got there he got onto the airship "no turning back now..." he thought he kept the small can on his back holding it up with his wings there was a small stem and a large bud soon the flower would bloom. after a few days of training and caring for his flower something horrible happend during training his best friend Perfect Timing desided to play a small trick on the sergeant but since he didn't want Perfect Timing to have to leave he said that they were both responsible. soon cadet school was other but they had to stay a day late because of a griffon spotted nearby soon later Springs flower bloomed it was a blue flower a type of flower that wasn't normally seen that healthy. everyone was in awe especially Spring,

FANMADE Cutie Mark (Spring Blossom)

Spring's cutie mark.

after the flower was fully bloomed a cutie mark appeared on Spring's flank a blue blossom Spring smiled he was happy that he was able to get his cutie mark as well as nurture his plant to be in full bloom. A few years later Spring was a finally a royal guard but he didn't want to be one so he moved to ponyville where he met Pinkie Fluttershy Rarity and Rainbowdash. It was the day before the longest day of the year Spring was taking care of his flower shop when Rarity came in and told him she needed a rare flower "you're lucky this is the last one" Spring said handing the flower to Rarity.