Canterlot High's students ages

Remember that these are fan made! Everyone In Sunset's Class/Grade

Well 3 movies-1-2 years. Incorrect. Princess of the fling spring? (You forgot? It's TwilightV.S. Sunset for the crown in EG1 but RarityV.S. Sunset I think.) 3 years. I'm guessing Princess of the..... happens every season. If you watch My Past Is Not Today( YouTube Rainbow Rocks short see bottom of this blog) you see 3 'Old Sunsets' photos that all looking like they won the Princess Of The....There are young children ( The Cutie Mark Crusaders) that Sunset and her class mates would be older than.Now in Amercian schools they would be around 15-18 years old( I'm sort of thinking they are grade 10ish.)Also they need to be able to drive (motor cross) is the link to My Past Is Not Today for YouTube. P.P.S. Why do I put Princess Of... or Princess Of The.... It's because we don't know what those 'crown competions' were exactly called(Well, I don't know) I hope I made a good blog! Be nice and rate this out of 10 please! 😊