• Princess Fony Pony II

    I can't believe it's been two years since I have joined this Wiki. It's been an honour serving the wiki and the wiki's chat. I love all of you! 

    I'd like to thank a lot of my wiki friends, for the amazing two years at the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Wiki.

    • Bmon 
    • Velma 
    • Jon 
    • Blue 
    • Ozzy 
    • Sea 
    • Fishy 
    • Goosie
    • Daddy
    • Uggles
    • Fudgeh
    • Santy
    • Sarah
    • Jorgey
    • Chriscord
    • 343
    • Uncle Fill
    • Woki
    • DelOp
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  • Princess Fony Pony II

    I don't know if anyone has made a blog about this yet (probably), but I decided to make one. The title says it all. Do you like Princess Alicorn Twilight or Unicorn Twilight better? I honestly don't care.

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  • Princess Fony Pony II

    This is just a random blog I made. The point of this blog is to do or say something to the user below you; sort of a simplified "user below you" blog.

    First person does or says something to me!

    EDIT: You cannot do or say anything rude that might hurt a users feelings.

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  • Princess Fony Pony II

    Ask Fony Pony

    November 28, 2013 by Princess Fony Pony II

    Well I see that alot of people are doing this now so I guess I should do it!  Ask me anything!

    BTW I am into MLP (duh) I'm sort of into pokemon and my favorite characters in order are:

    1. Vinyl Scratch

    2. Lyra

    3. Fluttershy

    4. Rarity

    5. Luna

    6. Cadence

    7. Apple Bloom

    8. Applejack

    9. Spike

    10. Derpy

    11. Doctor Whooves/TIme Turner

    12. Shining Armor

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  • Princess Fony Pony II

    It's coming!!

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