I GOT NEW CROSSOVERS! Sit back and listen.

One day the CMC were upset. "We're never gonna get our cutie marks!" exclaimed Sweetie Bell. "We should just give up," said Apple Bloom. "We can't give up!" said Scootaloo. "Besides, I got an idea! Sweetie Bell, use your magic to open a portal!" "*gulp* Ok, I'll try," said Sweetie Bell. She used her magic, but no portal. The second try, she opened a portal, and got her cutie mark! "Lets go in!" said Apple Bloom. Together, they went into the portal. Sonic was battling Eggman. "Your too slow Egghead!" said Sonic. "We better leave before he atacks us," wispered Sweetie Bell as she opened a portal to Club Penguin. Soon, Sonic was done battling Eggman, and didn't see the CMC. The CMC went inside the EPF comand room. As Scootaloo cheered, she got her cutie mark, And Applebloom fought Clutzy and Herbert, and she got her cutie mark. She won the battle. Sweetie Bell opened a portal back home, and stayed happy together.

Basicly I'm saying, what type of cutie mark did they get? YOU DECIDE! I think:

Applebloom: Sword

Sweetie Bell: Portel gun

Scootaloo: Pom Poms.