you may have heard or have known this for a bit already, but I'm leaving this place for good, reasons as to why I am..well, where do I start..? The past couple of days here have been tearing me apart inside, I just can't take it anymore. I just, don't feel important here anymore, I don't feel like, I'm needed or even wanted. The other thing is, well...the "booty" jokes, they're really, (in my opinion) immature and not the kind of thing a moderator should be doing, because it's rather gross and quite childish. Anyway, though, yes my time here is officially finished, I'm tired of this place, there have been times where I have been ignored, even by people who said they'd never ignore me, I guess people don't go by their words here..Sometimes, I even feel as if, I was replaced, it's a pretty awful feeling, there have been times, where I felt as if I was being used..which has happened to me in real life, twice, so it is a feeling I'm quite used to. Thing is, I'm just, really tired of this place, I'm tired of the jokes, the drama, everything. Don't even try to stop me from leaving, because I've made up my mind, and there's nothing, and nobody who can stop me. Yes, I'm happy with my choice, very happy actually, because now I don't have to worry about trolls, spammers, or invasions. Speaking of that though, I'm giving up my chat moderator rights as well, oh, and no B-Mon, they're not up for sale! Anyway, the "booty jokes" is not something a moderator should be doing, it's immature, childish and really just, inappropriate, it actually ticks me off when someone does it, and thinks it's completely okay, no I am done with this, officially finished. I'm done with the heart ache, the pain, and the drama, I'm tired of seeing my friends get themselves caught in drama, and with me usually being stuck in the middle of it. Thank you everyone, for the good times though, the friendships, and all the help I've received when I was really hurt and sad in the past month, I appreciate everything good that happened, I just wanna forget everything painful that happened to me, that I've never told anyone, because I don't like bothering people with my problems, even if they do wanna help. Anywaay, yes, I hope you people are happy, hence Happy by Pharrell Williams. So, party all you guys want, I'm gone, I'm done, I'm a free goose, I belong in the wild. There have been times, where I was hurt by the things being said or done, and I've legit broken into tears, but never said a word about it, to anyone. I can't keep this going anymore, I'm done with the heart breaks, the heart aches, the pains, the tears, everything, I am so done. Should I, go deeper into the part, where I said, the pains...? Well, by the pain, I mean, the stuff that happens when I'm sitting there on chat, but, deep down, I always wished I was somewhere else, like, sitting on a cliff far away from every single person in this world, where I could be whoever I want, I always imagined myself sitting on the edge of a cliff, just thinking about stuff, my life, my future, etc, but then I look back at chat, and I'm like,"why am I even here? Nobody even needs me.." I do, have mild-moderate depression, I have checked the symptoms for it, and it results that I do, indeed have it, nobody in my family or my real life friends know about it, I'm actually, deep down, sensitive, fragile, and I can get hurt easily, I just really like acting rude to cover it up, and when I'm alone, I let everything out, resulting in tears and pain. So, yeah I can't be here, anymore...Goodbye. *flaps her goose wings and takes off* 

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