Yep, ever since I saw the episode, A Canterlot Wedding back in Season 2...I was thinking about this, and I wondered, if Changelings were real, but WE were the Changelings, what pony would you wanna change into? 

  Like, would you wanna turn into, an alicorn or an earth pony? or a different animal like, (winona) ? 

  I think this is a fun way to express your thoughts about everypony and who your favorite ponies are, and what you like about them, which will make you wonder why you would wanna turn into that certain pony, or animal.

  If I was a changeling, I would turn into a unicorn, not because I love them, but because I can do magic spells, and not have to hold stuff in my hands all the time, plus I like the idea of items floating around in the air. So have fun ponies, fillies, gentlecolts, whatever! 

Gold Queen Chrysalis Card Front


I had this idea for a long while, but never got around to actually putting it into a yeaah have fun! (Cheer)