So, like the title says, I've decided to do a "My Pony Reflections", it's basically where I reflect upon my experience here as a user, and a loving MLP fan:

Basically though, I'll start with the Seasons..

  • Season 1: Yeah, remember when Season 1 first came out? And when Twilight was just a unicorn and under the guidance of Celestia; yeah some things do change but than again I also remember when there were Friendship Letters, I miss those, anyway though basically saying, a lot has changed from Season 1.

  • Season 2: When Discord was first introduced, and when he was actually a villain, or the time that Twillight had gone insane? Even the first time, Daring Do was introduced. Season 2 has offered us many things that have changed the way things were in Season 1, oh and the wedding episode with Cadance and Shining Armor, we were expecting a wedding, but did any of us really expect Cadance to be impersonated, I was really surprised though I have to admit when I found that out, I also enjoyed the songs this Season has brought us. 
  • Season 3: What can I say? For a short Season, this one certainly did offer an episode featuring a character that I've been longing to star in an episode: Scootaloo, in Sleepless in Ponyville, that episode I truly enjoyed especially with the way Princess Luna had helped her with her fears and the way Scootaloo had admitted to Rainbow Dash and the hug between them was adorable.  Oh, and how can I forget Babs Seed or King Sombra? Or the finale, Twilight finally achieving her destiny. While, I was happy for Twilight, I knew things were gonna change from than on.
  •  Season 4:  Well, all I can say is: This Season has been awesome, Castle-Mania, I love this episode, I don't know why, but it appeals to me, Flight to the Finish, while Scootaloo didn't fly in the end, she and her friends got to carry the flag for the Equestria Games. Oh and Daring Don't, who would have ever expected the Daring Do author to be actually Daring Do? Twilight Time, where Sweetie Belle learned magic, it made me really happy to see that my favorite Cutie Mark Crusader was learning simple magic. Maud Pie, Pinkie Pie's older sister, she wasn't what I was actually expecting, but when Pinkie got stuck, and how Maud had charged and saved her, really impressed me. Somepony to Watch Over Me, Applejack's constant watch over Apple Bloom might have been a little obsessive, but to me, it was adorable, sure Applejack was over-doing it, but she really does take her job as a big sister seriously sometimes; this is one of my most favorite episodes. For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils, a heartwarming episode between my favorite pair of sisters, and how adorable Sweetie Belle was as a foal, I can relate a lot to Sweetie Belle in this episode, as I did have to share my 16th birthday party with my older sister.

My Experience Here as a User:

What do I have to say about this place? It sure has given me a dress-load of loyal friends that I can never leave behind, yeah I remember when I  was gonna leave, but that's in the past. When I joined here on November 5th, 2011; I was, I admit a noob, I didn't know the rules well enough, and even got a warning on my first day in Chat, but that happens and we all learn, anyway though as I kept coming to Chat, I became more familiar with the rules, and everyone, but I was still new and I didn't know well enough yet. Then, a year later, I kept getting PM'd by Fishy, and he kept asking if I was ready to be a Chat Moderator, I honestly felt as if I was ready to become a Mod, and I didn't wanna let him or any of the users down. So, one day when Fishy made me a Temp Mod, he said I did really well, and I gave it some thought and he made me a Chat Moderator, I was still unsure of whether I'd do a good job or not, but I, with the help of the other Mods, I made it through, I followed what they did, and hopefully, learned to keep chat  safe on my own.


What can I say about my wonderful friends here, both past and present. They really did make my life here a memorable one indeed and I couldn't be more grateful for it, anyway though there were tough times and we've stuck together like Twilight and her friends have during their rough and tumble times. 

Because, I know our friendships are as strong as the friendships that Twilight has with her friends. 


                        ~Thank you everypony for making my time here very memorable, and I love you all for it~ 


Main cast and Discord group hug S4E26

Friendship truly is magic! <3