So I've decided to leave. The main reasons being that I'm sick of the lag, freeze, I don't really do anything else to contribute to the site, at least 60% of the people hate me, the mods are out to get me along with the admins, comment control and so on. If the freeze would just stop, I would stay; and if everybody else stopped editing pages, I would be the person who fixes the grammar, spelling and capitalisation that people did improperly so that I would still be here in a more productive way and not have a way of sharing my opinions so that people here would hate me less.

However, I'm not going to be leaving entirely, as I need to lurk because of reasons I will not tell you to avoid further trouble, also because there are people here that I enjoy the presence of and wish to speak to, and I have not much else of a life. Also, my connection has been crap recently so you will just see me very, very rarely. Like, about as rare as finding someone in California who doesn't speak Spanish or a rule here that isn't stupid or poorly-written to the point of misunderstanding. Maybe sometime in the future I will return.

With that second-to-last sentence comes the rant part. Let me tell what is wrong with the chat.

People are being banned for socking with no evidence whatsoever. I've seen it happen myself.

A kick is not a warning. It just makes things worse for everyone. You have no idea how much I just want to strangle most of the mods here because they kicked either me or other users without warning them, claiming that "a kick is a warning".

You're promoting people who have no idea what they're doing. I'm not trying to offend anyone, but most of your newer mods don't properly enforce the rules, don't know how to use commands, think that kicks are warnings, abuse power, warn and kick people for every little thing they post (I can think of one or two that do this) and not doing anything about people who are actually breaking the rules. I won't give names because the last time I did, I got banned for two weeks because it was a "personal offense" or something; you can see the entire argument and many more on my talkpage. Point is that all of the decent mods you had either got demoted or left, now you're promoting people who probably shouldn't even be allowed to use, let alone mod.

Now, let me tell you what is wrong with the wiki itself.

Accusing users of personally attacking others for telling them to focus on their own problems before that of others is not good at all. You can see the exact situation on my talkpage.

"Blogs must be relevant to either My Little Pony or the Wiki, else they face being deleted." is a crap rule.

The rules are very poorly-written in a lot of ways. It causes too much misunderstanding and they contradict themselves so many times.

Seeing the popular blog-posts section being filled with leaving and rants is really getting old. Really makes me wish the days when it was flooded with either Hurt/Heal or pointless games.

That ends the rant. It was pretty long, so the title I gave this may be pretty improper.

Now, I have a really sudden idea. I think I should address the other users here somewhat-personally and maybe tell them my opinions on them. Maybe it will give understanding, maybe it will offend, I don't know.

Let's begin.

Doovzzzie, I'm surprised I like you as much as I do. With our conflicting tastes, opinions, views, etc, it's amazing that we don't hate each other and that I attempted forcing being shipped with you. I don't know, maybe you're too adorable to hate (insert wub emote here). I'll miss you most of all.

Morning, I really love you (no hetero) for a large number of reasons. You're one of the best people I met here. The only real problem that I have with you is that you're an Xbox-er and you seem to hate Call of Duty, so that makes us enemies in ways because reasons.

Temmy, as much as you hate being referred to as that, you need to realise that I call people what I want. Anyway, part of me hates you, like, a lot, but another, larger part loves you so much. Just, so much. To be honest, I will miss you a lot. Maybe we'll run into each other somewhere else eventually. Also, you were the only one who started hating MLP with me when it got ran into the ground, so that's another thing.

Moon, you're one of my favourite users and the best mod this site will ever have. It's just that you're really nice at least 70% of the time, you're one of the few people that doesn't hate me (or at least it would seem), your moderating skills are much better compared to that of other newer mods and in some ways, you remind me a lot of myself. I'll miss you quite a bit.

343, look, as difficult as it is for me to admit, you are a good person. We share nearly the same opinions, you're the only person on this planet who actually understands the kind of crap I've been through my entire life and not to mention that, much like myself, you do a lot of stupid things. But, you have just done so many things to both infuriate and sadden me, which makes it very difficult to, well, not have problems with you.

Bmon, I don't know much about you, but you told me what "TARDIS" stands for and found out about the conspiracy or whatever behind Finding Nemo so I guess you're good.

Justinian of Byzantium/Frederick II of Prussia or whatever your name may be, you are okay guy. You will be missed because reasons. I just find you...entertaining to be around.

Now, let me explain to you all some things about myself.

Look, the only reason I always acted so "random" is because I have problems with socialising normally. I can't really greet people or have normal conversations very well so I try to act in random and humourous ways to make myself appear less socially awkward and to make myself more comfortable. And what a lot of people don't seem to get is that my "rudeness" wasn't real. I was being what you call "rude" in a playful way. It was all a joke and nothing more. Finally, to explain everything else, I'm very easily-angered and people don't seem to realise that I can't help it. Nobody ever does.

My point is, in the beginning, I meant well. I never intended for so many people to hate me but I just so happen to suck at not getting hate. Just, please, do not think any less of me than you already do for posting this. I spent about three hours putting this together to try to explain a lot of things and let people know some things.

Now, if you people could fix the random freezing (because that is the biggest reason I'm leaving), I would probably return maybe some months from now. But until then, I don't think my presence here is doing any good for anyone. So goodbye.

If you must stay in contact with me, just leave it on my talkpage because I might come by to check that once in a while, you will always be able to find me on the PLP wiki or I might move over to the Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed or Fallout or King of the Hill wiki or somewhere I'm more likely to be unhated.

-- Aflac Duck Princess Littlepip


I've been doing some thinking and I think it's best if I just never come back. I just suddenly realised that 90% of the staff members or whatever you call them for this site are illogical, inconsiderate, unfair and to make things worse, all out to get me. As much as people try to convince me or anyone else here that they aren't, they obviously are. It's also pretty amazing that a user who has been permanently banned over four times has gotten so many "second chances" that nobody else would receive yet when I tried to explain why I always acted as I did, I got banned for a month. I spoke the truth a few times and told Mr. Massive Ban Record to leave me alone about what I talk about because he is worse than I am and I get two weeks. Then suddenly everyone goes against my logic in the argument and later on, I got threatened with a block because I was telling someone who is, again, worse than me to shut up about others for once.

And then, the moderators here only decide to do their jobs when they think I'm doing something wrong when most of the time, I'm not.

And a long time ago, one of your illogical, inconsiderate and unfair mods told me that I'm annoying. Sounds like a personal attack to me. Not anything was done about it. Then, another user told me that most of the people hate me, backing up everything I say. Not to mention, this screencap proving that you people only do your jobs when I'm involved: gUgEiPO.png

I was done, just done. Sick of everything. Couldn't take it anymore. I thought taking a break would help but the more I think about it, the more I think I would be better off leaving with no return.

There. That takes care of the last bit of rant I had in me.

Again, to those of you who haven't betrayed me and don't hate me, you can still contact me in a lot of other ways.