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    Legends of Equestria: King Chronos and Queen Galaxia

    Celestia and Luna's parents, and Equestria's first recorded rulers. The couple perished at the beginning of the Prism Wars, forcing a filly Celestia to fill in their shoes. Their recorded cutie marks

    Chronos - An hourglass displaying the Celestial Calender (alignment of the stars)

    Galaxia - The spiral form of a galaxy

    Princess Celestia and Princess Luna

    Princesses of Equestria, with Luna absent for one thousand years as she was taken by Nightmare Moon, and tried once to bring eternal night. Fortunately upon her return from banishment, she was returned to her previous state by the Elements of Harmony.

    The Alchemist

    Not much is known about this Alicorn other than the fact that he is the only one n…

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