• QuasimodoBellringer

    Here I will be posting my grades for each episode of the series.

    • Season 1 -
      • Friendship is Magic: C
      • Ticket Master: C
      • Applebuck Season: D
      • Griffon the Brush Off: D
      • Dragonshy: B
      • Boast Busters: B+
      • Look Before You Sleep: F
      • Bridal Gossip: C
      • Swarm of the Century: A
      • Winter Wrap Up: A-
      • Call of the Cutie: D
      • Fall Weather Friends: F
      • Suited for Success: A+
      • Feeling Pinkie Keen: A
      • Sonic Rainboom: A+
      • Stare Master: C
      • Show Stoppers: C
      • Dog and Pony Show: A
      • Green Isn't Your Color: F
      • Over A Beryl: C
      • A Bird In A Hoof: A-
      • Cutie Mark Chronicles: A+
      • Owls Well That Ends Well: F
      • Party of One: B
      • Best Night Ever: A+
    • Season 1 overall: D+

    • Season 2:

    • Return of Harmony: A+
    • Lesson Zero: A+
    • Luna Eclipsed: B
    • Sister Hooves Social: A+
    • Cutie Pox: D
    • May The Best Pet Win: C
    • Mysterious Mare Do Well: B
    • Sweet and Elite…

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  • QuasimodoBellringer

    We start this episode with Twilight giving a speach about cutie mark magic, about ponies getting cutie marks at the same time. (Such as he and her friends or the CMC have with eachother) She notices Starlight but when she looks back. Once she and Spike get back home they find Satrlight there who uses the map. A portal opens via a spell of Starswirl's, and she Twilight and Spike go back in tme to when Rainbow got her mark, and Starlight stops her from finishing said race, setting of a chain event causing the mane 6 to never get their marks.

    Twilight is sent back to the normal time, where they find Equestria in ruin. They find out King Sombra successfully returned and there has been a war going on against him...which Rarity, Maude, and Rainbo…

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  • QuasimodoBellringer

    Honestly...not to psyched for the upcoming map episode. Never been a fan of the whole "Let's parody the McCoy and Hatfield rivalry"-type episodes. But here is the premise of the upcoming episode:

    "Princess Twilight and Fluttershy are called by the map to settle a dispute between two feuding families who can’t even remember why they are fighting"

    Honestly...while I don't usually like these plots, I can see MLP doing it well. I get that it is supposed to be through Friendship (Twilight) and Kindness (Fluttershy) that they put an end to the rivalry...but is just not enough conflict from the sounds of it. If I was in the meeting when they planned this episode I would have suggested, making it a 2-parter, and have the map call all …

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