We start this episode with Twilight giving a speach about cutie mark magic, about ponies getting cutie marks at the same time. (Such as he and her friends or the CMC have with eachother) She notices Starlight but when she looks back. Once she and Spike get back home they find Satrlight there who uses the map. A portal opens via a spell of Starswirl's, and she Twilight and Spike go back in tme to when Rainbow got her mark, and Starlight stops her from finishing said race, setting of a chain event causing the mane 6 to never get their marks.

Twilight is sent back to the normal time, where they find Equestria in ruin. They find out King Sombra successfully returned and there has been a war going on against him...which Rarity, Maude, and Rainbow is fighting in. (epic pony war of the distant future).

I love this how this whole thing about them never getting their marks cause a chain reaction. Starlight is beyond insane now, for ruing her cutie mark plot she ruins them getting their marks. Starlight is so furios she does not care about what happens to Equestria, and that includes the end of the world. I love this Starlight is beyond crazy! Even coming up with a contingincy plan in case Twi trys to go to an earlier point than she did. Starlight even uses things like convincing the bullys to not mess with Flutters, darn it! She thought of EVERYTHING! Heck her reasons seem more convincing! No pony will be bullied. DAMN IT! She is constantly getting the upper hand. I love this, she has studdied Twilight perfectly so she knows every move Twilight is going to try (as seen in Amending Fences and What About Discord  I LOVE this type of villain!  Now Chrysalis has taken over from this failed atempt, though AJ being the form she takes? No one loves her, how does she get power! Twilight trys yet again, in a quick DBZ fight. Less epic than the previous one but it was still good. But this failure causes Nightmare Moon to succeed. Twilight manages to trick Nightmare Moon to take her to the map. Even when it seems she has trapped Starlight, she escapes! Next was a Tirek sucess, then Dicord (KEEP THIS TIME!), then...Flim and Flam....that was halarious. The scene where they show Starlight the future, and Starlight's backstory...was heartbreaking....This was perfect....I mean it.....this was amazing, and really add's to Starlight's character. I love the resolution to trying to help her was beautiful. Twilight gives her a chance for a new start as her apprentice. We end with a great song.

Once again, MLP puts out an amazing season finale. Even surpasing Twilight's Kingdom (because this had a DBZ fight, less epic than the previous, but this was great, and had even MORE!), this manages to be the show's second best 2-part episode. I love the concept about how if the mane 6 never met. One of the VERY few Friendship is Witchcraft jokes that is funny (the Rairty being in a war) is now canon. Chrsyalys, Nightmare Moon, and Sombra both get successful futures, and I loved these alternite future scenerios. I love these "what would have happend if this villain won" I love episodes where they do stuff with time travel, and this is one of my favortie Time Travel storys ever! Starlight is an amazing villain. The cameos of the other villains were amazing. She learned from her past failure, and refused to underestimate Twilight. Pretty much in a similar way Goku VS Sailor Moon would go. Goku could try all he might, but Sailor Moon just counters him perfectly.

14 out of 10 = A+ = Show's best episode