Honestly...not to psyched for the upcoming map episode. Never been a fan of the whole "Let's parody the McCoy and Hatfield rivalry"-type episodes. But here is the premise of the upcoming episode:

"Princess Twilight and Fluttershy are called by the map to settle a dispute between two feuding families who can’t even remember why they are fighting"

Honestly...while I don't usually like these plots, I can see MLP doing it well. I get that it is supposed to be through Friendship (Twilight) and Kindness (Fluttershy) that they put an end to the rivalry...but is just not enough conflict from the sounds of it. If I was in the meeting when they planned this episode I would have suggested, making it a 2-parter, and have the map call all of the mane 6. Yes. I would keep Flutters and Twi being the ones to solve it, but....I can see a lot of potential for a whole Mane 6 story they are wasting here. You know...maybe like this:

Hooffields and McColts Part 1: The Mane 6 are summoned to help solve a rivalry between two feuding families, who have been fighting for centuries. However, it isn't long until some of them get caught up in the fight.

Hooffields and McColts Part 2: With Rainbow and Rarity having joined the McColts, and AJ and Pinkie having joined the Hooffields, it is up to Fluttershy and Princess Twilight to end the rivalry, and save their friends.

AJ could find out that she is a distant relative of the Hooffields, making her want to fight for her family and Pinkie, as her cousin, would join her. Rainbow could find out that the McColts are descendants of the original Wonderbolt Firefly, making her want to join them, and Rarity would see that the Hooffields have ruined so many of the McColts outfits that it fules her rage into joining the fight.

That leads to the big problem.....the map in general. I love the concept and with Cutie Map it looked promising. But with Lost Treasure of Griffinstone and Made in Manehatten being some of the weakest episodes of the is sort of a huge problem. 

Seriously....AJ's only reason for being in Manehattan was to keep her out of the Sisterhooves Social....the only thing she contributed was 'hard work' which anypony could have done, and...exactly what did Rarity accomplish in the episode aside from being hilarious as usual? As much as I love the conflict and Coco, it was very poorly done. Sure it was entertaining, but...kind of pointless. Similar problem with Griffinstone. Rainbow was just there because of Gilda, while Pinkie did all the work solving the problem. Seriously...these matchups were kind of poorly picked. Rainbow and Pinkie only because Gilda was there. If it wasn't for it being a Gilda-centered one, the map would have no doubt called AJ and Twilight. AJ had to go because we ALWAYS need to pair her up with Rarity whenever we can. The only one where the ones the map called actually make sense are the whole team in Cutie Map and the upcoming Twi and Flutters episode, but much like Made in Manehatten we will have to see how it turns out. Maybe they should have removed Princess Spike to give this a second part.

Seriously, I love Season 5, and say it is the show's best season, but when your season's main storyline is got a huge problem. The episodes like Tanks for the Memories, Slice of Life, and Crusaders of the Lost Mark really make up for it though.