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    Fan Based Ponies

    February 1, 2014 by RD AJ

    This is a list of ponies mainly known due to their appearance, and/or when they appeared. Most of them are mainly backround ponies that appear frequently. Some even have their origins made by the fans of the My Little Pony franchise. More information on these ponies can be seen on the fan art wiki.

    A list of Earth Ponies that appear throughout the series, and are known throughout the internet (mainly Social Networks and Youtube).

    Screwball also known as Topsy Turvy is mainly known due to her only appearance being in the The Return of Harmony Part 2. She's an earth pony with a pink coat along with a violet and white mane, she also wears the same propeller beanie as Button Mash. Her first and only appearance is in the Return of Harmony Part 2 …

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