This is a list of ponies mainly known due to their appearance, and/or when they appeared. Most of them are mainly backround ponies that appear frequently. Some even have their origins made by the fans of the My Little Pony franchise. More information on these ponies can be seen on the fan art wiki.

Earth Ponies

A list of Earth Ponies that appear throughout the series, and are known throughout the internet (mainly Social Networks and Youtube).

Screwball id

Is Screwball really Discord's daughter?

Screwball also known as Topsy Turvy is mainly known due to her only appearance being in the The Return of Harmony Part 2. She's an earth pony with a pink coat along with a violet and white mane, she also wears the same propeller beanie as Button Mash. Her first and only appearance is in the Return of Harmony Part 2 after Discord  brings chaos over the town of Ponyville. Both her Spiral-Eyed appearance and how she appeared after there was chaos brought MLP fans to hypothesize her origin. There are two famouse hypothesis. One of them declares that Screwball is actually Button Mash after Discord put a spell on him. The most famous one is believed to be that she is actually Discord's daughter, many MLP fans supprt this one. A song called Daddy Discord was created to support it.

Sweetie Drops in Rarity's boutique S1E20

Bon-Bon also known as Sweetie Drops is a background pony mainly known due to a misunderstanding about her cutie mark. MLP fans thought it was 3 pieces of wrapped sweets leading to the name Bon-Bon which means "candy" in French. This started when fans noticed that she would be seen only eating sweets such as muffins in Applebuck Season, she was also seen setting up cake in Swarm of the Century. This was further supported when fans saw how much disliked taking the apples from Applejack and Apple Bloom in Call of the Cutie. Soon MLP fans made depictions of what would happen to you if she catches you eating healthy.[1]

Pegasus Ponies

A list of Pegasi that appear repeatedly throughout the series, and are known throughout the internet (mainly social networks and Youtube).

Derpy ID S4E10

Derpy's looking happy as ever I see.

Derpy Hooves also known as Ditzy Doo is the most known fan-named pegasi in the MLP series. She's a mare pegasus with a gray coat and a yellow mane. She first appeared in the backround of Friendship is Magic Part 1 with walled-eyes during Twilight's welcoming party. It's due to her walled-eyes that fans gave her the name Derpy. Although it was unclear at the time, she was referred to as Ditzy Doo by Rainbow Dash in Winter Wrap Up. She first talked and was called Derpy in The Last Roundup, but being called by that named and having a deep voice brought many complaints causing a new version to be released later that year. She had a much more feminine voice and Rainbow Dash never called her Derpy or Ditzy. She's also known because she's seen mouthing the word "muffins" in the background of Applebuck Season while Pinkie Pie was serving them leading fans to hypothesize that she has an addiction to them. It's believed that Hasbro supported this in the credits of Equestria Girls.[2]

Unicorn Ponies

A list of Unicorns that appear throughout the series, and are known throughout the internet (mainly social networks and Youtube).

FANMADE DJ Pon-3 by MoongazePonies

How can a DJ live with Octavia?

Vinyl Scratch also known by her stage name, DJ Pon-3, is the most known fan-named unicorn. She's a backround pony who only appears in Suited For SuccessA Canterlot Wedding Part 2, and Magical Mystery Cure. MLP fans hypothesized about her daily life in Ponyville. The most known is that she lives with an earth pony named Octavia Melody as her roomate. This became widly known due to Octavia appears in The Best Night Ever and Sweet and Elite using a Cello in order to play classical music, while Vinyl uses her records to create Bass Music. The two of them are friends but Vinyl would always make mistakes and make Octavia angry.[3] [4]