my are

10-shrek smash n crash racing (what?)

9-spiderman games (yeah spiderman is my childhood hero)

8-pokemon (who doesn´t like?!on true i know some people who don´t)

7-mario games (this includes games like luigi mansions and wario land)

6-castlevania symphony of the night (its isn´t so hard if you know what to do)

5-sonics games (only the good ones)(wait you prefer sonic instead of mario?)

4-metal slug (the best run i gun i ever played on true its the only run and gun i played)

3-elders crolls series/fallout series (hey you can´t put two games or series on one spót)(yes i can you can too)

2-god of war series (one of my favorites games from childhood and i not violent)

1-GTA series (especially san andreas and except the 4)(another of my childhood games )