i will post just some books not all of my favorites but you will ge the ideia

-assasins creed:the secret crusade

shows my favorite character of the hystory altair and its good for people who want to know altair story

-bioshock rapture

it helps understand the history its heavily enterteniment, have good characters and a good ending 

-heroes of olympus

good serie it follows the percy jackson series and it much good

-god of war

it shows many new angles of the story of the ghost of sparta, new plots and good action parts that you almost feel the tension besides adding how the gods are acting in the course of history but i heard it better for fans but is still a great book

-diary of a wimpy kid

oh thats a book of when you don´t want something much serious to read and/or havea good laugh and i need to compare to the new looney tunes shows(that i only didn´t put in my favorites series because i don´t watch that much) because its nice how 3 or more stories all come together at the end


i don´t say i am a fan of it but i read 1 or 2 when i was younger and its like wimpy kid for when you don´t want something so serious but that don´t be so "goofy" like wimpy kid and it has good writing and simple stories so can entertain you