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    The Disney/Hasbro Merger

    November 6, 2012 by R Martin

    I really need to get this out because it seems that a lot of bronies are up in arms (again) about this.

    What's everyone's take on this? Is it good? Is it going to suck? Do you guys think it's inevitable?

    Personally, I'm indifferent towards it. Really, it's because the pros and cons don't outweigh one another.

    For one, the guys at Disney really don't shove their noses where they don't belong. If they did, their acquisitions such as the Marvel franchises would have gone down the toilet (thank God for the well-done Avengers movie). The only exception to this is when they acquired most of Fox; has anyone seen the Disney Power Rangers seasons? God, they were grating to the soul.

    One downside I could see to this is their attitude towards a (somewhat…

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  • R Martin

    My best friend from the United States started this petition about a future episode. Don't ask, it'll be explain in the following page.

    Let's just'll put the brony community in a better light.

    Make sure you guys share this with every brony you know.

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  • R Martin

    So, yeah... I was frolicking my way through this wiki, as per my usual schedule.

    As some of you know, I've been talking about the idea of potential guest stars for Friendship is Magic. I've talked about it both on the comments sections and on the wiki's chat.

    Responses to my comments were decent enough.

    But then... I saw this:

    Nothing against Wormtail96 - I'm glad that he/she and I think alike. But...

    What. The. HELL?!

    Did I not bring this topic up already this year and last year?! So I bring up this idea on the comments sections, and then a month or five later, someone else brings it up and gets the response that I WAS LOOKING FOR?!

    What. …

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  • R Martin

    Alright, everyone. This'll be short and sweet.

    This month marks two anniversaries:

    - the one-year anniversary of me being a brony

    - my 20th birthday, which is today

    Which leads me to asking...

    How long have you guys been a brony for? And who is possibly the oldest visitor in this wiki?

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  • R Martin

    Think about it. Every little facet about the show is very akin to shows from that particular era (Dexter's Lab, PPG's, etc.). The humor, the dialogue, the crew members, everything.

    Now I'm asking... If Friendship is Magic aired during the 1990's along with all those other shows, I'm thinking that it wouldn't have gotten the praise and acclaim it's getting right now. I mean instead of getting scores like 9/10's or perfect scores (10/10's) or five-star ratings, the show could get scores around the 7's or 8's, or 3/4 stars out of 5.

    I think one of the less noticeable reasons FiM is praised is because it exceeds far beyond the current animation standards, which is affected by this stupid notion of political correctness and what is considered publi…

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