"*sigh*... This is gonna make quite the letter to the Princess..."

"Strategy is paramount to victory. I'll prove exactly that to you."

"Something new to learn every day, I suppose..."

"I've sharpened my horn just for the occasion."

"Hmm... How does that spell go again?"

"Princess?! What is going on?"

"I'll go easy on you, Fluttershy..."

"You seem excited, Pinkie."

"Think your magic's up to scratch, Rarity?"

"W-what? Why do you...look like me?!"

"AJ, it takes more than brute strength to perservere, y'know?"

"You may move fast, Rainbow. But let's see if you can think fast."

"No hard feelings after this okay, Spike?"


"Spike. SPIKE!! Ah, there you are. Take a letter, please. Dear Princess Celestia..."

"*breathes heavily*... Didn't know I had it in me."

"Hmm... Shoot! Ah, Owlowiscious! Thanks."


"Read you like a book."

"Princess!! Oh my goodness...! What in Equestria have I done?! Oh, wait. She's alright... Phew!"

"Still have a ways to go, Rarity."

"Don't worry, Angel. She'll be fine."

"Not fast enough."

"She's still smiling...even when she's out cold..."

"Might...does not control...everything, AJ."

"I'm the real Twilight Sparkle. Do you get me?"

"Aww... Take a rest, Spike. I'll do the writing and the sending myself."